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A Guide to Garter Belts & Stockings

Styles of garter belts and stockings are as endless as any other type of garment, but at Suelto, we make it easy for you. We generally have a couple styles of garter belts to choose from and two different styles of stockings.

Still, this realm can be confusing! How do you wear a garter belt and stockings, you ask? Apart from giving you a tutorial in the store, which we are always happy to do, here is a simple guide.

1. Get a garter belt that fits you well at your natural waist or just below. This helps the garter belt keep up the stockings. Most garter belts have adjustable straps to tighten accordingly.

2. Stockings can range in size. Choose stockings that hit mid-thigh. At Suelto, we carry some thigh highs with silicone on the inside of the band. While this feature helps keep the thigh highs from slipping, they can be difficult to wear with garter belts due to the thickness of the band. This style doesn't even need a garter belt.

3. Order of Operation- Put on garter belt, attach stockings to straps, pinching the fabric of the stocking between the clasp (looks like mini overall clasps), then put your panties on over the rest of the ensemble. This last point is key, trust us! If your panties are on first, you will find yourself in a tricky, jammed-up situation.

If you have any questions, stop by! We will show you the ins and outs of garter belts. Good luck and we hope to see you soon.


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