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From sleepwear to swimwear, Suelto carries so much more than lingerie. Swimwear is hard to find outside of the summer months in Montana, which is why we have swimsuits and cover-ups all year long! Our rationale? In Montana, we are always needing a suit. And often, the need is an afterthought. Whether it be that cruise in the dead of winter or the timeshare in Mexico, travel warrants a great suit.

And of course, there is always the ski lodge and that overnight hotel stay with the hot tub and pool. Within a drive of Bozeman, we have the Chico, Norris, and Bozeman hot springs. We know we’ve resisted an opportunity because we didn’t have a great suit or forgot one. We want to feel confident in our swimsuits and luxurious in our cover-ups as we walk by the water.

We carefully cultivate our swim lines with the fit, quality, and environmental impact in mind. We strive to curate a collection of functional and flattering swimwear that will last. Suelto has unique swimwear from Vitamin A, Marlies Dekkers, Bromelia, La Gotta, Gottex, Rosa Faia, and Prima Donna. These brands allow us to have a range of beautiful swimwear that fits and flatters all body types. We have everything from fun and skimpy swimsuits to full coverage suits sized by cup and band.

We encourage you to do some forward thinking during the cool months. Are you traveling? Have a special holiday plan near the water? Or do you want to ensure you have something nice for cool nights at the hot springs?

We can special order your size if we don’t have it in store, but please allow ten days to two weeks for it to arrive at your doorstep! Don't miss out on a fantastic experience because you are missing the right swimwear for the occasion.

So come on by and try on a suit! We provide complimentary fittings and education on all aspects of swimwear.


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