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Strapless Solutions

Do you have a beautiful shirt or dress you can't wear straps with? Sometimes you can show off your beautiful bra straps, but if you'd rather not, you may need a strapless solution. How do you know which bra or accessory is right for you?

The tried and true strapless option, the strapless bra, is always a great choice. Strapless bras offer the most lift and support and are the best option for larger busts. Most options come with convertible shoulder straps to provide extra support in the halter, cross-back, or one-shoulder positions. There is the limitation of the supportive band- because the band wraps all the way around, the strapless bra won't work with your low back or backless garments.

Backless solutions can range from the more shaping and slightly supportive NuBra, a sticky bra that clasps in the middle, to simple nipple covers. NuBra is a wonderful option if you can't wear a strapless bra but want to create an excellent shape and show off some cleavage. Place the NuBra further out to the side of your breast to enhance the décolletage. F and G cups have the option of adding Nu Lift Straps to provide lift for extra support. These tacky strips attach to the NuBra cups and lift from above...voila!

If you have a piece that has deep neckline, the center clasp in the NuBra might not work for you. Though they provide no support, DIMRS nipple covers will hide your nips under the thinnest fabrics. They come in adhesive and non-adhesive options. The ones without adhesive function well in an unlined bra, swim top, or a tight bodysuit, while the adhesive ones will work with anything!

You won't know what works best with your tricky pieces until you try them on with your strapless solutions. It is always recommended to bring the piece in tow when shopping for solutions. You are sure to find something that works for you and your outfit with a wide range of options.


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