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The World of Fibers

While a lot of clothing is made of various synthetic materials, it is increasingly easy to find natural fibers in all kinds of garments. Natural fibers offer huge benefits to the wearer: antimicrobial, breathable, wicking, and temperature regulating.

Here is a quick guide to some natural fibers you may find at Suelto.

Silk: The most obvious natural fiber you will find within a lingerie store, silk is an amazing and versatile fabric. Made from hardworking silkworms, silk keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's soft hand feels lovely against the skin and it's fairly easy to care for.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a a fast-growing, highly renewable resource that is processed for its cellulose. Bamboo is soft, strong, and naturally antimicrobial. It is a terrific source for natural rayon textiles. You will find this fiber in modal fabrics, it's hand is similar to cotton but softer and more resistant to pilling and stretching. We often have sleepwear made of this cozy modal.

Cashmere: This high-end, soft material comes from the cashmere goat. True cashmere refers to the very fine undercoat of the goat. The hair is collected when they shed in the spring, then combed by hand and woven into the soft wool.

Linen: Flax plants have been spun into linen for centuries. Linen can range from very rough to soft, and does not pill. This durable material is breathable and keeps a person cool. It's the perfect summer fabric and makes a great swim cover-up!

We hope this quick guide piques your interest to further research natural fibers!


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