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Why pull your knickers down when you can playfully unhook them? This style is bold and beautiful lending toughness to sensuality through erotic details. With a lustful attitude Arabella was made to tease the senses of pleasure seekers. How to play: Slowly unclasp one or all three gold hooks at front for an enjoyable experience.

  • Recycled embroidery w/ calendar finishing
  • Intricate stretch sheer tulle
  • Soft sheen 1/4" binding
  • Detatchable front panel- 3 points of action
  • Peepholes
  • Plush back elastics
  • 24k gold hardware


Made in NYC, USA

Suggested with: Nevaeh Reel Women Bebe Bullet Bralette (shown), Nevaeh Reel Women Foxy Crop Top (shown), and Nevaeh Reel Women Nicolette Harness Dress.

Nevaeh Reel Women Arabella Detachable Thong in Blackmail

Color: Black Mail