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The Real Cost of Cheap Bras

Here at Suelto, we understand value. We also know that shelling out big bucks for a bra can be hard to stomach. But, ask yourself, how many cheap bras do you own that you love? For most of you, especially those of you with larger busts, I bet that answer is zero.

What is the difference between a cheap bra and a quality bra?

You will compromise fit. Cheap bras have fewer parts therefore sizes are not only limited but also less accurate. Quality brands such as Empreinte and Prima Donna have over 30 components that comprise a single bra! These bras are hand-sewn by professional seamstresses. Those jeans that you pay $200 for have about 15 components.

Cheap bras wear out quickly. You DO GET what you pay for. Cheap materials will stretch and degrade in just a few months of wear. The larger your breasts, the faster bras wear out. A quality, everyday bra will last a year. Some very high-quality brands will last one to three years! And if you happen to purchase a defective bra, these quality brands often stand by their product and replace your purchase.

You may be supporting unfair labor practices. Cheap price tags are a result of cheap manufacturing and labor. Production is often carried out in third world countries and very little of the savings is passed on to the customer. Know that quality lingerie produced in developed countries is created by workers paid a fair wage. In fact, quality brands employ seamstresses that go through years of training.

How much should you spend on a bra? As professionals in the business (with over a decade of experience now) we will tell you price is affected by bra size and design. Additional weight (large breasts) requires great architecture to maintain lift and shape. With this comes more fabric and pieces. If you have an addiction to beautiful French design you will pay for the designer’s crafted art, the fair labor wages, the quality materials, and shipping and duties to bring it into the States. Expect to pay between $70 and $180 for a bra that will feel like it was custom fit for you. Yes, you will find quality bras at Suelto priced under $55, but these bras have a narrower size range and less extensive workmanship.

We find ourselves telling our customers “Shoes and bras are well worth the investment. It is better to have a few that are comfortable, make you feel amazing and that are worn regularly than a drawer full of lingerie (or a closet full of shoes) that makes you cringe.”

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